"Deals wind damage to a single target. May poison the target."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

A shuriken from Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Shuriken is a recurring item in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is a metal throwing star that can be used to damage enemies in battle. 

In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, it can be bought from the shops. 

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 gave the Shuriken another use as a crafting item, mainly being used for the Ninja Gear and Ninja Hood.

The Shuriken returns as a miscellaneous item in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. When used, it is thrown at the foe and damages the foe with wind-elemental damage. Damage is based on the user's Attack, has roughly 80 Power, and has been seen to go up to 20% higher or lower.  The Ninja Gear doubles the power (more than doubling the damage) of Shurikens when equipped.

Drop Rate

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

  • Ninja Hood - 2 on level 2, 3 on level 3, 30 on level 5
  • Ninja Cloak - 3 on level 2, 12 on level 3
  • Ninja Skirt - 10 on level 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • Ninja Hood - 1 on level 2, 5 on level 3, 6 on level 4, 12 on level 5
  • Ninja Gear - 1 on level 2, 6 on level 3, 15 on level 4, 30 on level 5
  • Ninja Skirt - 1 on level 2, 6 on level 3, 15 on level 4, 30 on level 5

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