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The Skull Ghost is a recurring enemy in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, appearing in the first and third games. It is an undead enemy resembling a cross between a skeleton and a ghost, sporting a skull-like head with numerous spikes, a tattered red cape, and black-feathered wings
Skull Ghost

Skull Ghost info.

. Both its wings and skeletal hands appear to float beside its main body, presumably through magic.

Skull Ghosts generally appear as late-game enemies, usually in desolate, wasteland-like areas.

Battle Information

Skull Ghosts are completely immune to physical damage, leaving Matt greatly hindered. The definition of "physical damage" changes with each game; for instance, in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, Skull Ghosts are immune to Matt's entire Bushido skill set (even the energy-based Seiken), but still take damage from some of Lance's Shoot skills (such as Flameshot). Consequently, they are best battled with magic, preferably holy and fire elements. On the other hand, they resist poison and dark elements, actually gaining health from the latter.

Offensively, Skull Ghosts rely heavily on magic, casting a variety of powerful elemental spells that usually hit the entire party. They can also cast a spell that attempts to strike a target with Instant Death, but it has poor accuracy.

Contrary to their description, Skull Ghosts can attack physically, but almost never do so unless their magic is sealed by the Syphon status effect. In these situations, their only attack is a quick slash of their bony claws; this is far weaker than their magical assault and only targets one player. However, the slash has a chance of inflicting Doom on the target, so resistance to that ailment or a stock of ailment-curing items is advisable.


  • Skull Ghosts share a number of similarities with Wraiths, both in design and attacks. Given that Skull Ghosts do not appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Wraiths may have been intended as a replacement for them.

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