"These slimes are full of bombs... this might be considered a safety violation."
―Lance, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Sludge Slime is a foe in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It appears mostly around the Waste Disposal Plant. It is a member of the Slime enemy class.


The Sludge Slime is a black blob with a missile or bomb sticking out of it.


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Icon Sludge Slime EBF4
A weak enemy that may self destruct at any time, dealing bomb damage.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP SP Gold
58 4 4 4 4 4 3 6 1.2 1.2 5.5
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
-60% -60% - 100% 200% -60% - 50% -100% 200%
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- - -80% - - - - - - -100% - -100%
StatDown Attack StatDown Magic StatDown Defence StatDown Mdef StatDown Accuracy StatDown Evade
- - - - - -
Item Drop Rate
Icon Item Gunpowder Item Hand Bomb - - - - -
Name Gunpowder Hand Bomb - - - - -
Chance 20% 20% - - - - -

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF Status Syphon Status Berserk
Jump & back Single 13 Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 100% 10% 10% U B
Self-destruct Single 50 Stat Magic 100% Element Bomb 60% -- Status Stagger 100% 10% 10% B U
Notes: The user dies during this attack.
Prior to the Battle Mountain update, this attack used to be physical.

Battle logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Syphoned → Jump & back;
  • Berserked → Self-destruct;
  • Otherwise → Jump & back (1/2), Self-destruct (1/2).

On Hard and Epic difficulties, Sludge Slime comes into the battle with 9x Poison on itself, effectively regenerating each turn.


Can be obtained in the Premium-exclusive Battle Mountain area, specifically one screen to the left from the entrance, in one of chests guarded by 8-wave Ashwood Forest-themed foe marathon.

The summon itself costs 15 SP to use. Upon activation, a Sludge Slime jumps to an enemy and explodes, dealing 100% Fire-elemental magical damage of 70 power with 150% accuracy, 10% crit chance, 10% randomness factor and 100% chance to inflict 2x Burn.