"Destroyer of your crops. Attacks with water." - Garden Snail's bestiary entry

Garden Snail is an enemy found in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. As the name suggests, it is a large green snail with a brown shell. It feeds on plants, and is thus regarded as something of a pest among farmers. Whilst a different specie, it may be considered as the weakest member of the Crab family as it shares many properties with them and has relatively similar appearance.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Battle Information

Garden Snails have high defence and HP due to their shells, but their offensive power is nothing special. A good strategy (especially if your characters have access to gear with high Water resistance) is to pick off the more fragile enemies around the Snail before slowly whittling it down. Dispel and similar skills are effective counters for their defence-buffing move.

Garden Snails are vulnerable to Ice, EarthPoison (both the element and the status), and Bomb elements, but resistant to Fire, Thunder, Wind, and Water elements.

Moves (EBF3)

  • Digs down into the ground and attacks the player with its shell
  • Digs down into the ground and casts water magic on a player
  • Spits bubbles on a player
  • Briefly retreats into its shell, increasing its defence

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