Solar Flare

Solar Flare (also known simply as Flare) is a debuffing skill available for Natalie in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, and for Natalie and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4.


When cast, a flash of blinding light shines at the opposite team, reducing their accuracy, thus decreasing the chance of their attack successfully hitting the player's team.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Flare is one of the skills under Natalie's "White Magic" category. It costs 50 MP to cast and inflicts blind status to all foes, halving their accuracy, as well as deals some minor non-elemental damage.

Two Skill Bonuses are available to improve Flare, and although the skill is not mentioned in their descriptions, they do increase its power:

  • Astrology - Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 25%
  • Astrology x2 - Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 50%

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Flare is unlocked by completing a quest at Rock Lake for Joseph. It became a Special Skill available for Natalie and Lance, instead of being exclusive to Natalie. Other than debuffing foes' stats, Flare also slightly damages the target.

EBF3 Skill Flare
Flare Element Type
Lowers the accuracy of all foes. ---- Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 20 10 500
2 30 20 1500
3 40 30 5000

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Flare has been renamed Solar Flare. It keeps its status of being a Special Skill for Natalie and Lance. Solar Flare no longer deals any damage.

EBF4 Skill Solar Flare
Solar Flare Element Type
Debuffs all foes' accuracy. ---- ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 20 10 500
2 25 16 1200
3 30 22 3000
Note: The Power section shows the actual Accuracy debuff of each skill level. The game will always show that Solar Flare has 0 base power, regardless of level.


  • Solar Flare's animation and blinding effect may be a reference to the Solar Flare/Taiyoken technique from the Dragon Ball series.

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