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Concept art of several staves. From left to right: Artic Wind, Death Bringer, Sentinel, Seraphim, Obsidian, and Dreamcatcher

Staves are weapons used by Natalie. They focus on increasing user's Magic Attack. They also often give bonuses to MP and Magic Defence, and tend to boost the power of spells of the same element as they use. Some of them may also cast such spells between turns or with Natalie's Standard Attack.

List of Staves in Epic Battle Fantasy 3

List of Staves in Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Natalie's weaponry in EBF4

Staves 4 by kupo707-d33vq7o

Concept art of some new staves in EBF4. From left to right: Flower Pot, Razorwind, Road Sign, Alchemy Set, and Tribolt.

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