Stone edge 2 source

Stone Edge, now known as "Berzerker" in EBF5

The Stone Edge is an Earth-elemental sword available for Matt in Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 2. It's also making a return in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


The Stone Edge is a light grey sword with a broad, rounded blade. Greek letters are engraved through the middle of the blade (the first word spelling "berserker"), and the hilt is relatively thin and wrapped in brown leather.

In EBF5, It's appearance looks similar to the one in the first two games, but the Greek letters are gone, and there's brown wrapping around the bottom of the blade.

The sword boosts the power of Matt's Quake skill and adds the Earth element to some of his attacks. It provides a large boost to Matt's Defence and smaller bonuses to his Attack and Magic Defence, but also reduces his Magic Attack slightly. In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, its Attack boost increased, but it lowered Matt's Accuracy and Evade in addition to his Magic Attack.

Epic Battle Fantasy

  • Attack 10%
  • Defence 40%
  • Magic Attack -10%
  • Magic Defence 20%
"Boosts the power of Quake. Useful for harder settings when you need the extra defence."

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

  • Attack 20%
  • Defence 40%
  • Magic attack -10%
  • Magic defence 20%
  • Accuracy -10%
  • Evade -50%
  • Element - 50% Earth
  • Unleash - Defence down
"Boosts Quake"

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