Swift Slash

Swift Slash (also known as Wind Slash) is a multi-target skill available for Matt throughout the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It makes him dash through enemy wave damaging all foes at the same time.


Swift Slash currently appeared in all games of the main series, always as one of Matt's skills. It is one of very few skills that target entire enemy wave in his otherwise single-target focused moveset, making it a good (if not the only) option to deal with groups of weaker foes or when one wants to spread damage among enemies. Swift Slash does not have a fixed element and instead uses an element of Matt's currently equipped sword. It may also activate weapon's special effects on foes hit, except of those based around casting additional spells as Swift Slash does not have a set target.


Epic Battle Fantasy

Named Wind Slash, it costs 33 MP to use and work well with the Soul Eater sword equipped.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Got slightly more expensive as it now costs 40 MP to use. It has 100 accuracy and 40 power. Equipping Swift Brand will boost the power of Wind Slash.

One Skill Bonus is available to improve Wind Slash:

  • Hurricane - Boosts Wind Slash by 40%, +10% resistance to Wind

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Equipping Swift Brand will boost the power of Wind Slash. Quick Slash needs to be learned first as a prerequisite.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
AP 60 180 600 1500 4000
Power 20 30 40 55 70
MP 10 15 20 25 30
Element Weapon's
Other Attack that targets all foes. Uses the element and special effects of your weapon

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Renamed Swift Slash (most likely to avoid confusing it for a Wind-elemental skill), it is nearly unchanged from its previous appearance. Silver Blade may counter attacks with Swift Slash.

EBF4 Skill Swift Slash
Swift Slash Element Type
Targets all foes. Element and effects depend on current weapon. 50% Element Weapon
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 20 10 60
2 30 15 180
3 40 20 600
4 55 26 2000
5 70 32 8000
EBF4 Skill Quick Slash

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