EBF5 Swords Concept Art

Concept art of several swords from EBF5. From left to right: Lightning Shard, Giant Slayer, Love Blade, Dragon's Feather, Heaven's Gate, Ice Needle and Golden Axe.

Swords are bladed weapons used in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Their most prominent player user is Matt, (while some foes also can hold swords) who is usually seen carrying a large array of swords with him wherever he goes. As with the weapons of the other playable characters, Matt's swords come in all shapes and sizes, with various effects on his stats, abilities, and resistances.

Interestingly, some of Matt's weapons are not swords (such as the Gaia Axe or the Razorback guitar), but are classified as swords for the sake of simplicity, or even humor.

List of Swords in Epic Battle Fantasy

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List of Swords in Epic Battle Fantasy 2

List of Swords in Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Matt's Weapons

Matt's weaponry in EBF3

List of Swords in Epic Battle Fantasy 4

List of swords in EBF4.

Matt's weaponry in EBF4

List of Swords in Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Notice: The current info on this page is based off of EBF5 Alpha version, v0.8. It is not final and may differ in a later release of the game.

Non-sword weapons used by Matt

Not every Matt's weapon is actually a sword but all of them still belong to this category, this is most likely for the sake of simplicity, or as a joke for the fact that Matt is not the brightest member of the team and just can't see a difference between different melee weapons types.

Other notable sword users

  • Lance wields a gunblade (a sword with a built-in revolver-like gun) alongside a variety of bigger guns.
  • Kitten Soldiers sometimes wield various swords. NoLegs, in particular, seems to favor a shortsword when he has to fight.
  • Meow Meow wields a disproportionately massive sword with a broad, jagged blade. It has a tendency to shatter when he uses it in battle, damaging friend and foe alike.
  • Zombie Goku wielded the Anarchy during his battle against Matt and Natalie in the original Epic Battle Fantasy.
  • Many Elementals have a blade for a left arm that can be used for slashing and stabbing attacks. Some versions can engulf their blades in energy for a more powerful attack.
  • Several mecha bosses in the series use swords, such as the Guardian and the Praetorian.
  • Swordslingers, as the name suggests, carry numerous swords under their cloaks with which they attack. 
  • Akron's second form was able to release an enormous sword made of red energy from its mouth to stab enemies. His Rune Claws could generate smaller energy swords from their glowing cores, and his Evil Worms could regurgitate large, cleaver-like blades to slash enemies.
  • In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Earth and Ice Golems have enormous blades for arms, enabling them to perform powerful slash attacks.
  • Blue and Red clays both wield swords.
  • Both of Godcat's battle machines (The Creator and The Destroyer) can summon sword-tipped tentacles to aid them in combat.