Syphon status effect

Syphon is a recurring status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Represented by a six-pointed star in a circle, it prevents the victim from using MP (Mana Points). The target can still use normal attacks, items, Limit Breaks and (in Epic Battle Fantasy 4Summons.

Syphon can be cured with most status-curing items and skills (such as Garlic, Purify, or Medipack). Like most status effects, it also vanishes after the battle, when the victim dies (unless they have Auto-revive), or after a set number of turns.

Many games also feature a skill called Syphon, which attempts to put all enemies under the status effect. In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, it is one of Natalie' standard spells. In Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, it is an unlockable skill that can be taught to any of the players. Syphon also does some minor damage in EBF3.



The following items have syphon resistance.


Male Hats

Female Hats


Male Armor

Female Armor






Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Syphon
Syphon Element Type
Syphons all foes. ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 0 10 500

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