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The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy: Bullet Heaven & Adventure Story is an album released on November 6, 2011. It contains the combined soundtracks of Bullet Heaven and Adventure Story, both of which were composed by Phyrnna. It features a total of 12 tracks from the games, and the physical version also features an artwork created by Matt Roszak as disc's cover art.

It is available on Phyrnna's Bandcamp page both in digital version for the price of $8 USD and physical version for $10 USD. $1 of every sale goes straight towards the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.


  1. The Stage is Set (01:31) - Menu screen theme
  2. Raindrops of a Dream (02:13) - Levels 11-15 and Bonus 3 theme
  3. Searching... (01:36) - Levels 6-10 and Bonus 2 theme
  4. Binary Emitting Artifact Detected (01:42) - Levels 16-20 and Bonus 4 theme
  5. Following Your Star (03:03) - Levels 1-5, Bonus 1, and Survival theme
  6. A Light in the Darkness of Destruction (02:44) - Boss battle theme
  7. Purity (01:20) - Menu screen theme
  8. Of Rainbows and Unicorns and Cuppycakes (01:57) - Forest (levels 1-5) theme
  9. Travels of Vagabonds (02:24) - Desert (levels 6-10) theme
  10. The Frozen Journey (02:17) - Snowy Mountains (levels 11-15) theme
  11. An Adventure Awaits (01:56) - Volcano (levels 16-20) theme
  12. Those of Us Who Fight! (03:12) - Boss battle, Foes and Boss Rush theme

Total length - 25:55

  • Tracks 1-6 are from Bullet Heaven
  • Tracks 7-12 are from Adventure Story

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