Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Music Screen

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Music Screen

The music of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is a soundtrack composed by Phyrrna, also known as HalcyonicFalconX. It may be bought from multiple sources or listened to on Youtube.


Estavius - Piano Version - The game's main theme. The slower version of the Town theme in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is also played in the Warp Zone and the Jungle Ruins in Lankyroot Jungle.

A Stroll Through Nostalgia - Played in Greenwood Village, there is an extended version in which serves as the game's ending theme.

Weshdoor Concert - It has an upbeat rock theme, played in the Ashwood Forest

Crystalis Fantasia - This theme is played in the Crystal Caverns and in one cave part of the Temple of Godcat

A First Snow with Friends - A somewhat Christmas-like theme that is played in Whitefall Town.

Derelict Factory of Twisted Metal - This theme is played inside the Waste Disposal Plant, it's corresponding theme, "Rage of the Abandoned" is much like the faster version of this music.

Bloody Bloodlust - This eerie theme is played in the Lava cave areas of Ashwood Forest and Crystal Caverns. It is also the main theme of Graybone Cemetery.

Faerie Breeze - This theme is solely played at the Lankyroot Jungle

Dustblown Travels - This peaceful and calming theme is played in the Goldenbrick Resort.

Outside the Battlements - Mythic and mysterious, this is the main theme of the Temple of Godcat.

Van Al Tag (extended) - This extended and faster version of Van al Tag, played in some battles.

Elfin - One of the game's battle themes, played mostly in the Crystal Caverns, Whitefall Town, Lankyroot Jungle and Temple of Godcat.

Rage of the Abandoned - The faster version of "Derelict Factory of Twisted Metal". It is the battle theme played in the Waste Disposal Plant, as well as during some of the tougher fights in other areas.

A Bleeding Fight - This eerie battle theme is played in the Lava Cave areas of Ashwood Forest and Crystal Caverns. It is also the main battle theme of Graybone Cemetery. It is similar to Bloody Bloodlust.

Into Combat - This is the boss theme of the game. It is also played for a short time in the game's intro cutscene.

Fallen Blood - Godcat's theme and this serves as the Final Boss' theme. It has a duration of almost 7 minutes long, it has a mixture of rock, orchestra and gothic parallel to the Light and Dark forms of Godcat.

Van Al Tag - This serves as the main battle theme. It is played throughout various parts of the game, including Ashwood Forest, small parts of Lankyroot Jungle and its secret ruins, the entire Goldenbrick Resort and Temple of Godcat.

TPF Trans - for battles with unscannable foes and Cosmic Monolith.