EBF3 The Rift 1
EBF3 The Rift 2
EBF3 The Rift 3
"However, Akron's tomb was gone. Replaced by a dark passage into pure darkness. A hole in the spacetime continuum. A black hole, where not even light could escape from."
―Narrator, Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The Rift is the seventh and final area in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Its creation is the result of Akron regaining his powers and distorting the space around him, transforming what was once his abandoned tomb into a black hole that leads to a pocket dimension resembling the depths of space.

The Rift is the smallest area in the game, being little more than a straight path towards Akron. No NPC is found there. However, a few treasure chests are hidden in small branches on the path; the chests themselves are invisible, but their positions are marked by coloured stars in the background. The enemies in the Rift are predominantly dark-based, but players can choose to avoid them on their way to Akron.


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