Bullet Heaven 2 Web Version is out!

  • Hello everyone!

    Some of you may probably know this already, as the Kongregate release has been up for three weeks already (oh, the time passes so quickly), but I kind of forgot to put a proper notification here on wikia. :(

    But today is quite a good opportunity, as just a few hours ago Bullet Heaven 2 has been released on Armor Games as well. Yay! So...

    Epic Battle Fantasy 4.4: Bullet Heaven 2 has been released on the web! You may finally play it, rate it, comment about it, or do whatever else you wanted to, on your preferred game portal (and maybe edit Wikia as well :P).

    Useful Links:

    The game's full Steam release will most likely occur in following weeks, just wait for it patiently. :P

    Good Luck and Have Fun dodging bullets!

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