Thunder is an element found in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is mainly expressed as various types of electricity, such as lightning bolts or orbs of plasma, and is somewhat associated with the Stun effect.


Thunder is one of the more common elements in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. All party members except Matt can learn Thunder-based skills (ignoring shared skills), and several enemies use it frequently (such as Yellow Slimes and Thunderbirds).

Thunder is generally effective against aquatic and mechanical foes, as well as most flying enemies. On the other hand, it is ineffective against rocky and electrical enemies. In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Thunder attacks deal more damage to targets affected with the Wet status.

Skills and Spells

  • Thunder: 100% thunder.
  • Thunderbolt: 100% thunder.
  • Thunderstorm: 100% thunder.
  • Plasma: 75% thunder.
  • Plasmawave: 75% thunder.
  • Plasmacross/ Plasma Field: 75% thunder 
  • Spark Arrow: 80% Thunder
  • Spark: 80% Thunder
  • Big Spark: 80% Thunder
  • Plasma Cage: 100% Thunder (EBF 4; Premium Content)
  • Ion Cannon (Limit Break): 75% Thunder



  • Thunder Elemental: 100% Thunder


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  • Yellow Slime
  • Blue Jelly (EBF2 only)
  • Purple Jelly
  • Yellow Jelly
  • Dish Turret
  • Thunder Bird
  • Czars
  • Akron
  • Thunder Sprite
  • Thunder Elemental
  • Steel Fish
  • Stunflower
  • Rainbloom
  • Ancient Monolith (EBF4 only)
  • River Squid
  • Praetorian
  • Rainbow Rafflesia
  • The Creator

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