"Climb a tree or grab a surfboard!"
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Tsunami is a Limit Break available to Matt, Natalie and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is also used by Blue Dragons.


Tsunami summons a massive wave to strike all enemies, dealing heavy Water magic damage and inflicting the Wet status on all foes.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Tsunami
Tsunami Element Type
Limit Break! Deals massive water damage to all foes, and wets them. 100% Element Water Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 90 0 100
2 150 0 300
3 240 0 1000
4 320 0 3000
5 400 0 12000
EBF4 Skill FloodEBF4 Skill Bubble BlastEBF4 Skill Cloudburst

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