Matt using Unleash


Matt's Unleash icon

Unleash is a recurring skill in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is most commonly associated with Matt, as it has been one of his skills since Epic Battle Fantasy 2, but Natalie and Lance also had their own versions of the skill in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Unleash's effects depend on the weapon the character has equipped.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

It costs 60 MP to use. Its effect varies with the sword equipped.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Matt, Natalie, and Lance each have their own version of Unleash, which effect depends on currently equipped sword, staff, or gun respectively.

Both power of Unleash and strength of its effects depends not on skill's level but on the weapon's level and thus it is the strongest when used with weapon forged onto level 5.

All three skills have exactly the same properties, except of course the character who can learn them and their prerequisites.

Level 1
AP 100
Power ?
MP 20
Element 100% Weapon's
Other Unleash the hidden power of your weapon. Stronger with higher weapon level

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Unleash now merely strengthens the effect of the currently equipped weapon.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Heaven's Gate Blindness (Lowers target's accuracy)
Rune Blade Seal (Syphons the target)
Blood Blade Debuff (Dispels the target)
Stone Edge Defence down (Lower target's defence)
Inferno Magic Def down (Lower target's magic defence)
Blizzard Stun (Stuns the target)
Black Fang 5x poison (Poisons the target)
Swift Brand Attack down (Lower target's attack)
Anarchy Debuff (Dispels the target)
Soul Eater Massive damage
Razorback Magic down (Lower target's magic attack)

Epic Battle Fantasy 3


Heaven's Gate Attack which heals the user of status defects
Sol Spear Lower target's accuracy
Blizzard Lower target´s evade
Gaia Axe Lower target´s defence
Dragon Killer High chance of stunning the target
Swift Brand Attack which buffs the user´s evade
Black Fang Severely poisons the target
Avenger Attack that buffs the user´s attack
Swordbreaker Dispels the target
Blood Blade Lower target´s defence, raises user's
Rune Blade High chance of syphoning the target
Soul Eater Very low accuracy attack which deals extreme damage
Life Shaver High chance of instant death. Lower user´s defence and magic defence
Razorback Attack which buffs the user´s magic attack


Crystal Staff Buffs magic and magic defence
Seraphim Heals user´s status defects
Flameheart Sends target into berserk status
Thunder Spear Stuns the target
Arctic Wind Lower target´s evade
Nirvana Severely poisons the target
Nimbus Buffs the user´s evade
Obsidian Lower target´s attack
Dreamcatcher Lower target´s magic attack
Demon Tail Syphons the target
Sentinel Buffs the user´s accuracy
Death Bringer High chance of instantly killing the target. Lower user´s defence and magic defence
Dark Tooth Very high magical damage. Lowers user´s magic attack and defence


Super Snipe Attack which buffs the user´s evade
Shadow Blaster Magic which lowers target´s magic defence
Red Vulcan Magic which sends target into berserk status
Thunder Core Magic which stuns the target
Deep Blue Magic which buffs the user´s attack
Destroyer Attack which severely poisons the target
Heavy Claw Attack which buffs the user´s defence
Ark Angel Magic which syphons the target
God Hand Attack which buffs the user´s defence and magic defence
Chainsaw Attack which may instantly kill the target
Rapturer Attack which lower the target´s attack
Steel Shark Attack which lowers the target´s magic attack


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