• Lance of Creation as seen on Godcat bestiary page
  • Blade of Destruction as seen on Godcat bestiary page
  • A snapshot of the source code, revealing the two weapons' true identity
  • Blade of Destruction artwork in the game files

The Unobtainable Weapons are a pair of strange items in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


This mysterious pair of items, consisting of the Lance of Creation and the Blade of Destruction, are listed as weapons on Godcat's Bestiary entries as potential drops, complete with special abilities. However, both items have a 0% drop rate, rendering them impossible to obtain. Matt Roszak eventually confirmed that the weapons are fakes, explaining that he put them in for flavor.

A closer inspection at the source code however, has revealed that both the two "weapons" are not weapons at all, but rather coded in-game as items with a buy price of 120000 (copied over from last crafting material, Mythril Shards) and no localization text for non-English language. There is also a full image of the Blade of Destruction bundled with Matt's Swords artwork in the game files, which went on to become the inspiration for the Giant Slayer in Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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To do: Explain how a whole weapon class was cut from the game, and that these two weapons are amongst those that didn't quite make it.

As present

Lance of Creation
EBF4 WepIcon Lance of Creation
Boosts the power of Holy, Wind and Thunder skills. May cast Genesis with certain skills.
  • 0% chance of unlocking
Blade of Destruction
EBF4 WepIcon Blade of Destruction
Boosts the power of Dark, Earth and Fire skills. May cast Supernova with certain skills.
  • 0% chance of unlocking

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