Valkyrie Tank during the battle in EBF2

"*I am not a car*" - Valkyrie Tank about itself

The Valkyrie Tank is the final boss of Epic Battle Fantasy 2, this massive vehicle was built by Lance to aid his attempt at world domination. It also makes frequent cameos in subsequent games as some of Lance's skills.


The Valkyrie Tank is armed with many different weapons, including rapid-fire machine guns on its front and a powerful cannon on its top. Its front is adorned with a row of spikes, which increase the damage it does when charging at enemies. It also bears a large drill on each side, but their purpose is unclear.

If the top turret is destroyed/removed, it can deploy several different Turrets from two panels on top of its hull. These turrets come with a variety of attacks and abilities, including debilitating effects, freezing and poisoning capabilities, powerful energy attacks, and even nuclear missiles. It is also equipped with a beacon for an orbital satellite, allowing it to call in the Ion Cannon.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Before the battle begins a short dialogue between Matt and Lance occurs:

  • Matt: Eh, I don't like the look of this place, and what's with that fancy car over there.
  • Valkyrie Tank: *I am not a car*
  • Lance: Get out of the way nooblets, this area has been quarantined. Well, your lives are forfeit either way now that you've seen me. The earth must be purged of all infidels.
  • Matt: Huh, have we met before? So what´s your plan now, just trying to kill everything?
  • Lance: It sickens me to see things the way they are. Only by destroying everything can the world be rebuilt. G´fahahaha.
  • Matt: I don´t like that sort of stuff!!! Gonna have to smash up your tank, bro.

As the final boss of the game, the Valkyrie Tank is fought in two stages. In both stages, its mechanical nature makes it vulnerable to Bomb, Thunder, and Earth element, but immune to all Status Effects.

At the beginning of the fight, the tank is a single enemy, and the players' objective is to destroy its main turret ("Tank Top"). At this stage, the tank can target either Matt or Natalie for a powerful hit from its main cannon, or deliver slightly less damaging attacks to both of them at once (shooting them with its machine guns, releasing napalm from its main cannon, or running them over).

The real fight begins when the Valkyrie Tank's main cannon is destroyed. Although the tank itself loses its napalm and cannon attacks, it gains the ability to summon a variety of enemies from the hatches on its hull: an Omega Lazar, a Satellite Dish, a Cooler, a Nuke, or Lance himself. Each of these count as separate foe and thus has its own HP bar and attack, giving the boss up to three chances to attack instead of one. Apart from replacing its two active helpers when either is destroyed, the tank can still use its machine gun and charging attacks. It is also the only enemy that needs to be defeated to end the battle, although its massive HP and the added threat of its helpers makes this easier said than done.

Valkyrie Tank's battle theme is "Organ Jaws".

Later Games

  • Valkyrie Tank using its machine guns
  • Valkyrie Tank as part of the Oblivion limit break
  • Valkyrie Tank launching the nuclear missile

Valkyrie Tank makes many cameos as some of Lance skills:

  • Tank skill (aka Tank Guns) - summons Valkyrie Tank to strafe all foes with its double machine gun dealing minor Bomb elemental damage with each bullet.
  • Tank Cannon skill - Valkyrie Tank shots with its main cannon dealing heavy Bomb damage to single enemy.
  • Oblivion limit break - Lance smashes the tank against enemy team and makes it explode right after dealing massive Bomb elemental damage with the explosion.
  • Nuke limit break - after receiving the call from Lance Valkyrie Tank deploys the nuclear missile and launches it onto the battlefield dealing massive Fire elemental damage to all foes and poisoning (EBF3) or burning (EBF4) all combatants afterwards.


  • The Valkyrie Tank was inspired by Metal Slug.
  • Matt mistakes it for a car in the cutscene leading up to the final battle of EBF2, prompting the next scene to show the tank with the caption "I am not a car".
  • According to Matt Roszak, he had not seen the Valkyrie film when he conceived the Valkyrie Tank's design. He named it "Valkyrie" because his friends who had seen the movie commented on the tank's resemblance to the one in the movie, as well as Lance's resemblance to the film's protagonist, played by Tom Cruise.
    • The name "Valkyrie" (and the movie title) probably comes from Operation Valkyrie, a part of a larger plot to kill Adolf Hitler during World War II.
  • A Valkyrie is also a female figure in Norse Mythology that decides who wins and who loses in battle.

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