The following is Timesmashaperil's guide to the Skill Bonuses that are in Epic Battle Fantasy 2.


In EBF2, after every set of rounds, you can upgrade your stats, and get a skill bonus. For a more detailed overview, you can check out the page for it. This guide is intended to say which Skill Bonuses are the ones worth getting. NOTE: It all depends on the difficulty. On lower difficulty, there are SB's you wouldn't want on Epic.

Matt's SB's

Bushido-Related Bonuses

  • Never Forgive: Boosts the power of Revenge. However, there is almost no reason to use this move. I will never forgive YOU if you get this. Mostly because they are limited, and we have better bonuses to collect.
  • Bloodthirsty: C'mon, who even uses drain? We have Natz for healing anyways.
  • Hurricane: I guess it's pretty good on easy, as it makes good crowd control.
  • Rock On: Provides two elemental resistances, but not that amazing. Though it does boost Quake, which could be used against the Valkyrie Tank.
  • Sub Zero: More of the same, except Iceberg isn't good against the tank.
  • Burning Soul: More of more of the same. But there are more alternatives.
  • Sword Heart: This is absolutely amazing on easy, because the Soul Eater does an incredibly large amount of damage with it.
  • To be finished later...

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