I'm starting to wonder if you even managed to stay with me at this point. I mean, there are quite a lot of walkthroughs about this game, and they are above me in the Google page ranking. But none of them is specially built for the highest difficulty though, so I will assume that you are still following me. Anyway, back to the game.

Welcome to the Kitten Kingdom


Dammit Natalie, we could have eaten it.

After defeating the Mammoth, the guys suggested to kill and consume it, quickly putting it out of the misery of being the last one alive. Nope, Natalie suggested something worse: Force it to carry them into the desert and let it die horribly. Dammit Natalie, you are even worse than Lance (I may also mean that gameplay wise)

Welcome to Egypt the Kitten Kingdom! Or at least, what's left of it. This was once a mighty kingdom, filled with kittens of all fur color and protected by ancient powerful machinery, until a certain someone got fed up with the human race. Bereft of her leadership and stripped of their functional limbs, the kitten race failed to continue their legacy, and the kingdom ultimately collapsed (spoiler, woops). The machines still work though, so expect heavy resistance in this area.

EBF3 Ruin33

The first thing we see is a camp of archaeologists. They suggest that we use ice and water water attacks, which we totally don't have so let's steal their stuff as revenge for making useless advises. There is also a secret path to the northeast side - it will lead you to a battle against some Earth Elementals as well as the Shadow Blaster, which is a very impressive weapon for Lance. This is the stuff that we will be using in the final area, so I suggest that you upgrade it.

The dude at the bottom of the screen will only get out if we have 40 medals. Yes, I'm really tired of this medal locked stuff. Go left when you are done.

  • Chests:
    • Left tent: 3 Coconut, 2 Pineapple, 1 Hamburger
    • Right tent: 5 Milk, 5 Beer, 5 Softdrink
    • Secret path: Shadow Blaster, Light Rune, Sad Statue

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