Wallace the Scottish hunter

Wallace is a NPC seen in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and Epic Battle Fantasy 4. He appears as a man with wild red hair and a matching beard, wearing traditional Scottish attire and wielding a sword and shield.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Wallace appears in Glacier Valley with two other Scottish warriors. He claims to have hunted the last wooly mammoth but this is not true as Matt and Co. later face the Tundra Mammoth. You need 30 medals in order to access the area he is guarding. He is situated in the screen south to the ice cave. He owns a Heaven's Gate sword.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Wallace appears in the Temple of Godcat. He claims that he almost managed to catch the cats that were stealing the last jewel, which made Lance exclaim: "You could have saved the world that time!". In this game, he has no Scottish accent when he speaks.

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