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The Waste Disposal Plant is the 5th area in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is found east of Whitefall Town, and it requires a Battery (which is found near the entrance of the factory) to be entered. It consists mainly of a Battery puzzle: the player will try to find 5 Batteries and then using them to open the entrance to said area's boss, the Praetorian. It also has 2 mini-bosses, the Protectors.And when first encountering the Praetorian Lance (if on screan) says: "Let's see… Titanium armor,Uranium shells, Nanotube enforced blades… and probably fusion powered too. I can see where this plants budget went!


This area has many robotic-type enemies, which means Bomb and Thunder-type abilities will work very well on them! But watch out, in some parts of the factory, many jellyfish will appear (Forest, Thunder and Water Jellyfish), so get some poison abilities up or use Anna's Arrow Rain with it's Poison Arch.Recomended equips are Matt:Pirate gear ,army gear,golden dragon Lance:same armor and the thunder core gun Natz:army dress ,yellow bauble and tribolt  

Copper/Silver Fish - Floating enemies that fires small missles upon defeat, deals Bomb-elemental damage.

Drill Bot - Floating machine that attacks with drills.

Swordslinger - A hooded machine that attacks with countless swords, may use a One-Hit KO attack at random.

Gunslinger - A hooded machine that attacks with firearms, may use a One-Hit KO attack at random.

Sludge Slimes - Black slimes that can randomly self-destruct. The giant version usually uses Poison attacks.

Turrets - Standalone machines that has different functions based on their type

  • Dish Turret - uses mainly abnormal status attacks that can Dispel, Syphon or Stun enemies, it also uses Thunder-elemental attacks.
  • Laser Turrert - fires lasers. It may unleash a dangerous attack after a few turns.
  • Fridge Turret - Usually Freezes or Wets targets. Uses Water/Ice-based attacks.

Protector - protects imporant places in the facility, uses multiple multi-hit attacks.

Jellyfishes - floating creatures that are ineffective against Water attacks. Thunder and Green Jellyfishes are found here.

Toxic Squid - this annoying enemy is found at the Toxic pools of the facility. They have an automatic Poison status and can heal tremendous HP per turn. But it's weakness to Ice may help cripple the foe out.

Thunder Sprites - All Thunder attacks are ineffective against it. They Charge often and use a powerful Thunder attack later on.

Thunder Bird - Uses Thunder attacks and are weak against Wind. Has decent Evade.

Thunder Elemental - Uses mainly Thunder attacks, it has Auto-Change on and will use its devastating Thunder Attack later on.

Ice/Drill Golems - Found at the fridge area. Ice Golems uses Ice attacks which Drill Golems uses the armor-piercing Giga Drill. It may lose its drills after a few hits.


This areahas 3 shortcuts, 2 outside it, and one inside it. One of the shortcuts outside the area is unlocked after you open a door that leads to Whitefall Town. Another one is unlocked after you go to Goldenbrick Resort and pull a lever.

The third one is inside the factory, north of the southeast-most part of the map. It shortens the path if the player forgot something in the north part of the factory.

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