Water is one of the recurring elements in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Mainly manifested as bubbles and pillars of water, it is commonly associated with Ice and the Wet status effect.


Water was not introduced as an element until Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It was a relatively rare element, being used by only a few enemies and being nearly impossible for players to access apart from a few weapons. In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Water attacks became more common, with several appearing as shared skills for different members of the party. Outside of shared skills, however, Anna is the only character who has a Water-based skill.

Water tends to be effective against fire and earth-based enemies, but ineffective on aquatic and nature-based creatures.



  • Geyser (Matt, 80% Water)
  • Flood (Matt, 80% Water)
  • Aqua Arrow (Anna, 80% Water)
  • Bubbles (shared, 100% Water)
  • Bubble Blast (shared, 100% Water)
  • Cloudburst (shared, 100% Water)
  • Tsunami (Limit Break, shared, 100% Water)


  • Bubble Stone: Casts Bubbles and deals water damage (EBF3 only)


  • Narwhal: 50% Water
  • Giant Squid: 100% Water


  • Blue Jelly
  • Blue Slime
  • Big Blue Slime
  • Beach Crab
  • Giant Squid
  • River Squid
  • Big Sand Slime
  • Fridge Turret (EBF4 only)
  • Frose
  • Blue Dragon

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