"There's not a lot of wind skills in this game, so my spells will be pretty useful against flying and plant enemies."
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Wind is one of the recurring elements in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. One of the less-seen elements, it is usually manifested as tornadoes or gusts of wind.


In the EBF series, Wind is one of the rarer elements in the player's arsenal. Of the four playable characters in EBF4, Anna is the only one who can learn Wind skills naturally (in previous games, Matt and Lance were able to learn a few Wind skills as well). Apart from its offensive applications, Wind is also associated with evasion and speed-based skills (such as Reflex and Swift Slash), even if they are not actually Wind-element.

Wind tends to be effective against flying enemies and some nature and fire-based foes. It is ineffective against bulky ground-based enemies (such as golems, turtles, and monoliths), as well as creatures that use wind magic themselves. In EBF4, Wind attacks can inflict stagger status and tend to have higher accuracy than comparable skills of similar elements.






Male Hats

Male Armor

Female Hats

Female Armor


Power Metal: 100% wind.


  • NoLegs: 50% Wind
  • Gem Idol: 100% Wind


  • Angel Eye (also uses Holy)
  • Steel Fish (also uses Bomb and Thunder)
  • Gold Fish (also uses Bomb)
  • Emerald Rune
  • Gem Idol
  • Wind Sprite
  • Green Clay
  • Wind Elemental
  • Sky Monolith


Bomb - Dark - Earth - Fire - Holy - Ice - Poison - Thunder - Water - Wind
Non-elemental - Weapon-elemental