The Wind Sprite is a foe introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It typically appears in elevated, windy areas, such as certain parts of the Temple of Godcat.


Wind Sprite looks like a jumble of anthropomorphic lavender and orchid colored clouds. There are several flecks of gold sticking out from the top.


Wind Sprite can: blow a plume of clouds at one player, dealing non-elemental damage with a chance to Syphon or/and debuff Magic Attack; headbutt a player, dealing non-elemental damage without any special effects; cast Whirlwind at one player, dealing Wind-elemental damage with a chance to debuff Magic Defence; blow wind rings (which resemble Reflex' animation) at all players, dealing Wind-elemental damage with a chance to Dispel. While Wind Sprite's offensive power is rather average, extra effects of its attacks can potentially be cripplying and should be prepared for.

Wind Sprite absorbs Wind and is immune to Earth. It has a notable weakness to Dark and Poison, making Bamboo Trap, Vines, Acid, Pulse and Antimatter good ways to efficiently deal with it, most likely killing it in few hits.

Overall, Wind Sprite is not much of a threat as the player has several tools to deal with it by the time it is first encountered, but it still requires caution as it can Dispel and Syphon players.


Icon bestiary ebf4 wind sprite Wind Sprite EBF4
A creature that embodies the spirit of wind. Uses wind attacks.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP SP Gold Hit2HP
159 4 4 4 4 4 4 28 3 2.3 26 50
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
- - - 100% -50% - 200% - - -50%
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- - - - -50% - - 50% - - - -
StatDown Attack StatDown Magic StatDown Defence StatDown Mdef StatDown Accuracy StatDown Evade
- - - - - -
Item Drop Rate
Icon Item Amethyst Item Rainbow Gems - - - - -
Name Amethyst Rainbow Gems - - - - -
Chance 20% 50% - - - - -
Status Damage
Damage taken from status effects, in % of maximum health (per turn), including elemental resistances:
Status Burn Burn Status Poison Poison Status Doom Doom
(if Death fails)
Status Regen Regen
7% 4.5% per stack,
up to 40.5%
25% -33.(3)%
Final damage is randomized by ±5% (except for Doom) and rounded down.

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Headbutt Single 24 Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Blow Rings All 18 Stat Magic 100% Element Wind 33% -- Status Dispel 100% 10% 20%
Blow Clouds Single 26 Stat Magic ---- 30%
Status Syphon
StatDown Magic
100% 10% 10%
Whirlwind Single 44 Stat Magic 100% Element Wind 50% 25% StatDown Mdef 100% 0% 10%

Battle logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Berserked → Blow Rings;
  • Syphoned → Headbutt;
  • Otherwise → Headbutt (1/4), Blow Rings (1/4), Blow Clouds (1/4), Whirlwind (1/4).