• Flame Wraith
  • Frost Wraith
  • Spark Wraith

Wraiths are a type of enemy encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They appear as ghostly entities shrouded in a ragged brown cloak, with their glowing eyes visible in the darkness of their hoods. They also have four horns on their heads, emerging from beneath the cloak - the shape of the horns varies between species.


Three types of Wraiths were introduced in EBF4: the Flame, Frost, and Spark Wraiths. They all specialize in magical attacks, using a combination of Dark-elemental skills and whichever element they are affiliated with. They can also stab players with branch-like appendages that emerge from their sleeves, but it is unclear if these appendages are conjured by magic or actual parts of the Wraiths' anatomy.

All Wraiths are weak to Holy-element and immune to Dark. They can be seen as an evil ghosts of the elements, a complete reverse of Sprites which are good spirits of the elements. Wraiths were most likely inspired by Skull Ghost, an enemy that appeared in previous games, as they shares many similarities and common traits.

Wraiths are noteworthy for being the only common enemy that drops Donuts. While the chances of this are incredibly low, this is the only way to get unlimited Magical Defense boosts without using Battle Mountain or the eventually-unaffordable Rare Shop.

Flame Wraith

A yellow-eyed Wraith with spikes on its hood. It mainly appears in Ashwood Forest and specializes in Fire magic. It can sometimes inflict Berserk status on a player with its Hellfire attack.

Frost Wraith

A blue-eyed Wraith with icy spikes on its hood. It mainly appears in the Crystal Caverns and specializes in Ice magic.

You can retrieve the Frost Wraith Summon from a chest in the right tomb at Graybone Cemetery. When you summon the Frost Wraith, a group of Frost Wraiths come to the battle field and cast an ice attack, which has a high chance of instant death.

Spark Wraith

A yellow-eyed Wraith with spikes on its hood. It makes its first appearance in the Temple of Godcat and specializes in Thunder magic. Its attacks can sometimes stun players.