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Zombie Dragon
Zombie dragon
Holy, Fire
Poison, Dark
Status weaknesses None
Status resistances Death, Stun, Syphon

The Zombie Dragon is an undead creature encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It only appears in the game's final area - The Rift. It could be considered a member of the Dragons enemy class.

The Zombie Dragon is essentially a weaker version of the Zombie Hydra that appears in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and 4, lacking some of the boss's strongest attacks and unable to revive fellow heads. Despite this, it is still a strong adversary.


This undead beast closely resembles its living counterparts, but with a completely skeletal appearance. It has a long neck riddled with spines, as well as a tail tipped with a blade-like spike. No body can be observed in combat, and its overworld model implies that it is actually a serpentine creature. The entire dragon is likely a creation of Akron, either as the skeleton of a living dragon that was reanimated by his power or as a unique creature that was directly created by the awakened demon. When the creature is defeated, it collapses back into a lifeless heap.


The Zombie Dragon is a quite threatening foe, especially if it happens to be accompanied by a Cosmic Monolith. Although its physical attacks are quite straightforward, their strength shouldn't be underestimated as they are easily capable of taking large chunks of health. One should also watch out for its special attacks, which can inflict Poison or even Instant Death. Luckily, while the Zombie Dragon is quite durable and bearing only a few weaknesses, each character has at least one skill of those elements among their strongest skills available.

As with all encounters inside the Rift, all battles with Zombie Dragon are optional, and since characters will most likely be on level 30 already (which is the limit), there is no reason to actually fight them.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Bites a single target, dealing moderate non-elemental physical damage.
  • Stabs a single target with its tail, dealing high non-elemental physical damage.
  • Releases poison gas on a single target, dealing Poison-elemental damage, may severely poison the target.
  • Casts The Dead, dealing Poison-elemental damage to all foes, may poison the targets.
  • Casts Grim Reaper, a low-accuracy attack that may kill the target instantly.


  • The Zombie Dragon was most likely inspired by Dracolich.

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