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Zombie dragon

Zombie Dragon

The Zombie Dragon is a creature in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It only appears in The Rift.

Physiology/physical traits

Zombie dragon overworld


The zombie dragon closly resembles a skeletal hydra. It has a long neck, although the length is unknown it is at least as long as the battlefeild. It's tail is also leingthy and strikes very quickly. No body can be observed in combat but it likely does not has one based on its overworld model. It's overworld sprite is only it's spine going down to it's tail in a snake-like appearance. It has some sort of way to produce sound but due to its tissueless nature this is likely magical. The entire beast likely is. It is either the reanimated bones of a dragon or summoned from nothing, either way by the power or Akron. There are very few of them in existance, two in the overworld and five in total. They appear to have magical means of sight at least and can strike with great precision despite having no apperant sensory organs. In fact everything it does is reliant on the magic and when it the magic fails (the dragon dies) the bones collapse in a lifeless heap.

Strategy (Epic Battle Fantasy 2)

The Zombie Dragon is named Zombie Hydra in it's first appearance and is the boss after the 2nd checkpoint.

Two Zombie Dragons are battled in the fight. They both attack using bites, Tail lashes, Toxic Fumes, Debuffing Dark attacks, and a powerful Insta-Kill Reaper (used oftenly in Epic Mode). They can also summon skeletons from the ground inflicting poison damage on the party. If one head dies it will appear to have been defeated and fall but the body will still be intact, eventually the other head will revive it within a few amount of turns. These Dragons are infamous for being very powerful and are a huge roadblock before the final battle. Notably the uncommon double Reaper attack which is a automatic Game-Over.

To beat them, the best strategy is to use their stat weakness: Syphon and Blind along with using Protect to block off the Dragon's powerful physical moves. If Flare is used sucessfully, the Dragons will miss almost every move except the Reaper attack. If Syphon is used sucessfully, the Dragons will not be able to immediately kill you nor use their powerful specials. (Beware: The Dragons may dodge the attack and kill you while you use this.) The Auto life perk is very useful for this battle for this reason.

The Dragons are weak to Holy and Fire, so using Judgement and Eruption should eventually wittle them down to low health. Try not to focus on killing only one Dragon for the other will revive it afterwards, and you will have to do this again. Instead do some damage to one head but focus your attacks on the other head after the first head is low on Hp. Once they are both at low health, you can defeat them both without the worry of having them revive each other.

Strategy (Epic Battle Fantasy 3)

In battle a Zombie Dragon will either reach foreward with its long neck and bite with sharp teeth, lash out with a boney tail or scream to invoke a reaper or poison one target. The bite and tail jab deal reasonable physical damage and the tail pushes the target off-screen for a second. The reaper is called when the dragon roars and attempts to strike one enemy for an instant kill but has low accuracy. When poisoning a target clouds of noxous gas erupt from the ground and afflicts a single target.


The Zombie Dragon uses Poison and Dark elemental attacks, but also has non-elemental physical attacks aswell as a spell that inflicts Death status.

Autolife can prove useful if you do not have Death resistance.

It is weak to Holy and Fire attacks, so skills such as Bullet Hell, Seiken, Judgement and Eruption will prove effective against it.

Good equips for Matt: Genji Helmet, Genji Armor, Heavens Gate, Rune Blade, Sol Spear.

Good Equips for Natalie (Natz): Pope Dress, Breast Plate, Cat Costume, Pope Hat, Pink Flower, Seraphim, Sentinel, Obsidian.

Good Equips for Lance: Knight Armor, Officer Coat, Officer Hat, Gas Mask, God Hand, Red Vulcan.

By the time you face the Zombie Dragon, you should be at least level 29-30, so having everything at level 5 should be no problem at this point.


  • The Zombie Dragon is a downgraded version of the Zombie Hydra boss from EBF2, having lost some of its more dangerous attacks and the ability to revive fellow Zombie Dragons.
  • Despite not having eyes, the Zombie Dragon is vulnerable to being blinded.
  • When it uses magic attacks, it makes the sound of Godzilla from it's Heisei incarnation.
  • In EBF3, you can grind (or farm) the Zombie Dragon for easy gold.
  • The Zombie Dragon bears a similarity to a Dracolich.
  • The Zombie Dragon appears again in EBF4 in the graveyard's leftmost cave in the Premium Pack. They can be used to farm huge amounts of EXP due to their reviving heads ability.


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